Can Dogs Get Brain Freeze? What is Brain Freeze in Dogs

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Can Dogs Get Brain Freeze? If you, too, have this question in your mind, then we have all the answers to clear your doubts!

In the hot season, after eating or drinking something too cold, we all have got a little brain freeze once in our lives. However, have you ever thought – Can Dogs Get Brain Freeze? Time to answer that question!

  What is Brain Freeze?


Brain freeze cold or stimulus headache, also known as ice cream headache, is a sudden, intense pain in your forehead that occurs when you eat or drink something cold really quickly, for example, an ice cream. For us, it’s a common sensation and usually lasts only a few seconds. But what about the canines? Can Dogs Get Brain Freeze? How do they cope with it? Find out below.

Can Dogs Get Brain Freeze?

Can Dogs Get Brain Freeze? Well, the answer is it is not yet proven scientifically, but yes, dogs do have brain freeze.

How you can know your dog is experiencing a brain freeze? If you see your dog acting weirdly, whimpering, or howling in a way that is not normal, it might be possible he is experiencing pain. It usually happens when your mutt gulps up some delicious ice cream or freezing drink instantly.

What Causes Brain Freeze in Dogs?

Scientists have already researched that when you ingest cold food or drink, it touches a bundle of nerves on the back of your palate, which triggers the pain. The only thing which can stop this is to avoid feeding your pooch something really cold, especially when the weather is warm. Or, make sure it won’t demolish it in seconds!

 Can This Be Harmful?

No, that’s not harmful or has no lasting effect on your pooch. If your dog is sensitive, the best way to avoid this is by stop giving something too cold to your dog to save it from trouble.

Note: If the brain freeze continues for a long time, it could cause several health issues. Even frequently eating traditional ice creams can cause intense brain freeze.

Can Dogs Feel The Pain?


Dogs are different from humans, but that doesn’t mean they can’t experience pain and discomfort. Usually, after the rapid consumption of cold drinks or food, dogs have the sensation of a headache.

Like humans experience pain in their head while having a brain freeze, dogs may experience the same and across the face as well. For dogs, it is not a fun activity. Rather, it’s an uncomfortable experience.

 How to Move Ahead?

In summer, dogs enjoy cool beverages to cool down and chill, and the best way to go about it is to tone down the coldness to ensure they don’t get brain freeze. Also, you can offer cold snacks in small pieces. You can also mix normal food with a cold treat to minimize the cold effects.

 Some DIYs for Dogs


There are a lot of DIY frozen treats that you can make at home to make your pooch happy!

These dog-friendly treats will not contain any added sugars or additive chemicals. Some of them are listed below:

  • Flavored Ice Cubes

Fill your ice tray with water and a pinch of sugar and salt. You can also add chicken or beef.

  • Frozen Yogurt and Fruit

Use unsweetened yogurt and dog-friendly fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, or bananas. Blend it all together in a blender. Then fill it into a  tray, and freeze it. Once it liquifies a bit, pour it into the dog’s bowl.

Quick Takeaways 

Hopefully, now you will be able to catch the symptoms of brain freeze in your dogs and simultaneously help them to get at ease as well. Also, if your dog suffers from painful headaches, consider other ways to cool him down in the summer.

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